The Most Common Garage Door Problems

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Did you know that the average garage door weighs around 150 pounds and opens/closes 1,500 times per year?

It’s no surprise that garage door problems would pop up every now and then with such an operation. Having a garage door that doesn’t open or close properly can be one of the most frustrating experiences for a homeowner.

Here are some of the most common garage door problems

common garage door problems

Your Garage Door Makes Loud Noises

Most garage door noises point to an underlying problem with the door. Here are some garage door sounds to watch out for and their probable causes:

Rattling Noises – Rattling noises occur as a result of some nuts, screws, or bolts of your garage door becoming loose. It’s easy to fix this type of problem. You only need to tighten the hardware with a wrench and socket set to solve the issue.

Squeaking Or Grinding Noises – These noises come when the rollers of the door are worn out or insufficiently lubricated. If they aren’t sufficiently lubricated, apply lithium- or silicone-based grease. On the other hand, if the rollers are worn out, you should call a professional to replace them.

Popping Noises – Popping noises occur due to the torsion spring. You may need to adjust or lubricate the torsion spring to stop such noises. The best thing is to rely on a professional when working with torsion springs since it’s quite dangerous and can easily injure you.

The Door Moves Unevenly

If your door moves unevenly when opening and closing, there could be something blocking the tracks. Remove any obstructions if any. If not, the spring system might be delivering too much or too little tension. Call a professional to resolve the problem.

The Door Opens Too Slowly

If the garage door opens too slowly, the tracks need to be cleaned or the rollers need to be lubricated. You can do the job yourself and save money in the process.

The Door Closes Way Too Fast

If your garage door closes way too fast as soon as you hit the remote, it might be due to broken cables or torsion springs. Repairing or replacing the spring system or cables is important to get the door to work properly. You may call a professional to repair or replace the cable or spring system of the door.

Remote Control Doesn’t Work

A faulty remote control can be quite annoying. In fact, batteries can be the main culprit of such a problem. Replace the batteries and see if it fixes the issue. On the other hand, the remote can be out of range if you stand too far from the door. Try coming close to the door and see if the remote works. If not, you may need to call a professional to check the remote.

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