Preventative maintenance tips

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The garage door is one of the most essential access points to your home and will be used several times a day and in all weather conditions. To avoid frustration, interruption to your daily activities, costly repair work, maintenance, and regular services are important.  


Here are a few simple maintenance tasks that any home or property owner can perform to keep their garage door in functional conditions for as long as possible. 

maintenance tips
  1. Look and Listen 

Take the time to observe your garage door in motion when it is functioning properly. You will notice the movement is even and smooth with no unusual scraping or screeching sounds. Silent symmetrical function is a sign that your garage door is operating properly. If you notice sounds or strained imbalanced motion, it is time for repairs — even if the door is still opening and closing.  


  1. Tighten up the Hardware 

Your garage door sees a lot of use each day, it is only natural that things are going to get loose with all the movement and vibrations. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the bolts and hardware of your garage door. Every so often, you will need a socket wrench to tighten all the bolts and roller brackets.  


  1. Test the Garage Door Balance 

 If your garage door is not balanced, it will have to work harder to perform its function. This also means strain will be distributed unevenly and this can lead to malfunctions. Locate the release handle, usually a red cord, and pull it down. This will allow you to manually close the garage door. In the halfway position, the garage door should stay open. If it doesn’t the counterweights have become improperly balanced. It is best to call in expert services to rebalance your garage door springs. 


  1. Inspect and Replace the Rollers 

Whether they are steel or nylon, the rollers will need to be inspected a couple of times a year. They should be replaced as soon as they begin to malfunction or at least once every several years. Your garage door service and maintenance experts can advise you on how best to do this.  


  1. Lubrication 

Keeping all the moving parts of your garage door properly oiled and greased will add years to its service life. All that is required is ten minutes out of your year and white lithium grease, for the opener’s chain, and spray lubricant for overhead springs. These can be found at a garage door specialist or a local supply store.  


Final Notes on Garage Door Maintenance  

In addition to these important points, take the time to regularly inspect all moving parts including the tracks, weather stripping, and cables. If you notice any wear and tear, replacements and repairs may be in order. Never attempt any repairs on the high-tension support cables or any other feature of your garage doors unless you have experience and training.  

On the other hand, if you need professional garage door inspections, repairs and maintenance, call Superior Overhead Doors  — we provide fast and effective garage door services to Idaho Falls, Idaho and the surrounding area.